Bark Fresh

The Only Homemade All Natural Toothpaste for Dogs

The one stop shop to get your Dental Needs for your pups!

Our Story

Being the parents of a German Shepherd, Chocolate Lab and an Old English Sheepdog, we have always put their health as a priority seeing how big dogs already have a shorter life span than their smaller counterparts.

We've gone from kibbles to home-cooked food to a fully raw diet. All this while, using a store bought toothpaste to keep up with their dental hygiene. We then thought, why? Why are we using these chemicals to brush their teeth? Not to mention, them dogs eat all that toothpaste up.

We want to help people and their pets with All Natural Pet Products that can keep their beloved puppers healthy and happy! And so, we created Bark Fresh!

  • spitz.cotton.mia

    After buying BarkFresh's toothpaste, my entire teeth. brushing experience with my dog is different now! Used to feel lazy, maybe because the previous toothpaste doesnt make them excited...

    But now, it changed me! What sorcery is this?! I enjoy brushing their teeth and don't feel lazy already! and I do see a change in their teeth!

  • khookiexsnowy

    Eggshell Powder was the ingredient that caught our eyes. Its very smart to add a natural 'grinding' texture for cleaner teeth against plague. Its not your usual white toothpaste and it actually smells alot like parsley! And loving the spa looking packaging which makes the experience a wholesome one.

  • kiyo_thepom

    Just one week on Barkfresh, and her front canines became white already!